Will you upholster a piece using fabric I supply, as I want it to match my curtains? 

Yes we will but we cannot be held responsible for the durability etc of the fabric, as its composition and
origins are not known. Price agreed by separate negotiation for this service.

Can I Order fabric from you too?

Yes,  I work with 4 well known fabric Companies and can help by sending out fabric samples direct once we have discussed your needs

If I were to Commission my own painting to be printed and applied to my own chair - how is this done?

By liaising with our Artist, Sally to discuss your needs. You pay a deposit of £150.00 and she will,  either in situ or working from photographs,  produce a preliminary sketch.  Once approved she will paint your unique scene/subject (in a mount of your choice) which can then be reproduced onto fabric with many applications.  On completion a further payment of £200.00 is due. 

Do you accept any other forms of payment?

We prefer Paypal, but BACS transfer can be arranged.

Can I order extra fabric from you for other projects at home?

Yes, we would need dimensions of other pieces if you would like us to calculate your requirements.

Can I just order fabric?

Yes of course – I can give you the link to the 4 companies I work with, as I am a stockist and therefore get a better deal than if you were to go to them independantly.

Can you look out for particular pieces for me?

Yes as we go to a great many auctions, we are happy to source chairs for customers. It is a good idea
to send us your email/mobile details so we can send a photograph and get feedback on a piece prior
to the auction day.

Can I order trimmings too, I'm finding it difficult to source these to match my fabric?

Yes, samples can be easily sent out.

How long will it take you to complete the job?

This depends so much on how many chairs are going through the system at the time of ordering.
We will try our best to deliver within a week of ordering. If we are particularly busy, a realistic
timescale can be given to you upon placing the order.

Do you use traditional upholstery techniques?

Yes, all antiques are upholstered using traditional materials and a fire retardant (barrier) calico used to meet
regulations. More modern/contemporary pieces are sometimes upholstered using foam and high quality
fire retardant materials also ensure they meet industry standards.

Can you upholster my own chair in one of your fabrics?

Yes, but again, it's your responsibility to deliver and collect the chair when completed. Price is by separate
negotiation once the chair is received, as until the chair is seen the work involved is not always easily estimated.

Why do you need all payments upfront?

Payment upfront ensures your chosen chair is reserved for you and not available to anybody else. 
The delivery costs are included in the final total, so there are no hidden extras.